Why ad agencies should start working with Webflow

No, Webflow isn't the right tool for absolutely every project. But there are lots of projects that it would be a great fit for and it seems that more and more advertising, creative and digital agencies think so as well. If you work for an agency and you aren't using Webflow yet, I'm outlining three reasons why you should implement it in your agency workflow. So, here we go...

Reason #1 - Take on projects that wouldn't be viable otherwise

Not every project is high budget project that can afford a highly priced Wordpress, Drupal or ... (insert other CMS here). This means that you'll have to send your client away, telling him you're probably not the right agency for the job. Alternatively you might offer them your low cost solution which often includes a simple Wordpress template that you set up and amend slightly in terms of colours, fonts and images. Not really something that usually makes it into your portfolio or wins you awards. With Webflow you might be able to offer the project at a lower price point as you possibly have to spend less time developing it and your front end and back end devs can meanwhile keep working on the high end projects. Neat.

Reason #2 - No more tedious maintenance work

As we were talking about developers before... some Wordpress sites require intensive maintenance from your web team. Plugin updates, security, simple changes etc. clients can oftentimes not do on their own with their Wordpress build. Why not take the workload off your team and use Webflow for some of your client sites? This way your client can use Webflow's client editor and the Webflow CMS to make updates and doesn't have to bother you. Also, while regular backups and plugin updates are necessary for Wordpress sites, this isn't the case for Webflow projects. Free up your team's valuable time and keep your client happy at the same time.

Reason #3 - Sharing the workload

Not everyone in your team might be a coder and know their way around JavaScript (or might have the inclination to learn). However with Webflow and some super basic HTML and CSS skills most of your team members should at least be able to do simply changes to a client site. This way you can better share the workload and don't always have to rely on a certain team mate to get the work done. Webflow has an extensive video library which really helps everyone get their head around the tool and jump on board. Not bad, hm?

That's just three reasons why Webflow can be a great tool of choice for one of your upcoming projects and I'd definitely recommend checking it out when you get a chance. Questions or need a hand? Get in touch! And if you haven't signed up for Webflow yet, you can do so here.

Note: Some of my articles contain links to selected affiliate partners. When you purchase a product or subscription via this link I receive a small commission. This doesn't cost you any extra. I only partner with companies whose products and/or services I support and that I use regularly myself regularly as a Webflow Designer and Freelancer. Specifically I partner with Webflow, TransferWise, Elfsight and Hello Bonsai.

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