Webflow team plan: explained

Confused about Webflow's team plan? Don't worry, in this article I don't only explain the ins and outs of the team plan, but also touch on some of the other account options you've got when building websites with Webflow.

There is sometimes quite a bit confusion between the different plans Webflow offers their clients. So before diving into the so called "Team Plan", I just quickly want to explain the very basics you need to know when creating a new Webflow account. If you want to jump straight to the section in which I tell you all about Webflow's Team Plan, just scroll further down the page.

Site Plans

When opening an account with Webflow you can choose between a "Site Plan" and an "Account Plan". What's that, you ask? Well, a Site Plan enables you to host your Webflow site with Webflow and connect a custom domain like www.mygreatsite.com to it. So, if you just have one website you want to build and also host with Webflow, that's all you need. You basically grab a free "Starter Account Plan" (more on that in a second), add Webflow hosting (the Site Plan) and you're ready to go. You can then use the Webflow Editor as well as the Webflow Designer to amend and change your website at any time, make updates, re-do the layout or change all link colours to pink. Or whatever else you fancy.

Account Plans

Now let's talk about the "Account Plan" mentioned before. There are three account plans to choose from, all of which let you make changes to your site's layout and content. The "Starter" plan is free, but has severe limitations like that it only allows you to create two pages within one project (website) and you cannot build more than two un-hosted sites. One other major disadvantage of the free plan is that you cannot transfer projects from your account to another user's account. There are also some other limitations which you can read all about on Webflow's own pricing site. If you want to build websites professionally I recommend getting at least the "Lite Plan" or the "Pro Plan" which lifts many of the limitations mentioned previously.  For instance the "Lite Plan" lets you keep up to 10 projects (websites) in your account that don't need to be hosted with Webflow, project transfers are possible and you can export your code when needed. The "Pro Plan" lifts the 10 project limit, offers all the features of the "Lite Plan" as well as white labelling and allows you to implement password protection on your sites.

Team Plans

Now, let's talk about Webflow's Team Plan. The Team Plan is actually an account plan which includes all features of the Pro Plan (scroll up to the previous paragraph to learn more about the Pro Plan). The Team Plan basically lets you and your team members work on different projects under one account. To make this easier to understand, let's say you're running a small agency and you've got two designers who will be working on Webflow projects. You'll need one Team Plan with two seats (one seat for each team member). Team Plans are paid per seat, so at the time of writing in June 2020, one seat costs US$35 per month, which means your agency will at least need to pay US$70 per month. Your team needs to include at least two team members and you can add additional team members as required (obviously you'll have to pay US$35 for each member added). When your team grows to 25 members or more you'll need to chat to Webflow to discuss their enterprise options.

Things to remember

There are a few things you might not be aware of if you haven't worked with the Team Plan before:

  • You cannot work on the same project simultaneously. This means all your team members can log into your Webflow team account at the same time but they cannot all open and work on Tom's Bakery Website project at the same time. This is so there are no conflicts like saving the site, changing class names etc.
  • Your team members don't all need a team account to work together as a team in Webflow. You only need ONE team account and all team members can then simply log in, even with only a basic Starter Account. However team members will need at least the free Starter Account to join your team. Team members use the same credentials to log into their personal, as well as the team account.
  • If you have bought a Team Plan, but you want to keep certain projects hidden from team members, you will need to maintain a Lite or Pro plan (or the free Starter Plan if you're happy with the plan's limitations) as well as a Team Plan.

And if you need a little video refresher on how Team Plans work, check out Webflow's own video tutorials below:

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