Webflow for creative & digital agencies: Advantages for clients

Would you like to get started using Webflow in your agency? This guide gives you some pointers as to how your clients benefit from this decision.

Webflow is a great tool for setting up really custom websites without the hassles of site security and plugin updates. In part 1 of this series, I've spoke more about some of the advantages for agencies working with Webflow. If you are so inclined, you can still read the article "Webflow for creative & digital agencies: Advantages of Webflow over Wordpress" on this blog. Today however I'd like to talk about how to make the case for Webflow when talking to your clients. This means I will point out some of the advantages for your clients when using Webflow - because certain things that might be important for you as an agency or design team, might be less essential for your client.

Easy maintenance

Through the Webflow Editor your client can easily change text and images or add blog and news articles without having to ring up you as the agency. Oftentimes the client's marketing staff who might have little web design knowledge is able to do these tasks as part of their regular duties which saves the client both time and money.

Custom design more accessible

You know what it's like. Clients who don't have a big budget most likely wont get a bespoke, custom website but instead will have to settle for a template on which you might change colors, images and fonts to reflect the client's brand. With Webflow your client is more likely to receive a website that isn't like any other as you are able to develop the site more quickly than would be the case if you were setting up a custom coded WordPress site.

No security worries

Clients don't have to worry about keeping their site safe from hackers or spam as this is being taken care of by Webflow directly. This also means they don't necessarily need a maintenance contract from you as the agency to monitor the wellbeing of the site. That leads to cost savings and peace of mind.

Fast loading times

Faster load times improve user experience and also help with ranking in search engines. Webflow helps in making your client's site load faster by having lean code as well as not relying on a dozen plugins to keep the site functioning the way it should. Of course there are always things you can do as an agency to optimise page speed and load times, especially when it comes to adjusting your images (if you want to read more about this you can do so in Webflow's own article).

Straight forward SEO

Webflow makes it quite easy to adjust and fine tune page settings for SEO. While this jobs oftentimes falls to you as the agency (or an external SEO consultant), it is quite reassuring that there are no additional plugins required to make the necessary adjustments. Settings such as alt text for dynamic CMS items, page descriptions or the open graph can all be adjusted directly within Webflow. This again saves time plus money. Also, if you want to know more about how some features of Yoast's SEO plugin can be replicated in Webflow, you should check out my previous article "Answered: How can I replicate Yoast's SEO features in Webflow?".

If you are still wondering which Webflow plan to choose for your agency, check out the other article I have written in this series called "Webflow for creative & digital agencies: Choosing the right Webflow plan".

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