Webflow for creative & digital agencies: Choosing the right Webflow plan

Not sure which Webflow Account and Site plan to choose for your agency? I've got you covered. In this article I explain which plans you should select for team and your clients to get started with Webflow.

Webflow's account and site plans can be a bit confusing when you first encounter them. But don't worry. In this article I show you which plans are best for your agency and which one you should choose to have your team work with Webflow most efficiently.

First things first. What are account and site plans? An account plan is what is needed when you want to create several websites and client projects. Depending on the plan you have signed up for, you can take advantage of certain features like code export, space for additional projects and more. A site plan is what is needed to connect a custom domain such as jones.com to your website project. This means that each of your client projects needs a site plan when it is ready to go live.

Which account plan do I need for my agency?

If you only have one designer working on your Webflow client projects, and don't need several team members to access the Webflow account simultaneously, I recommend going with the Pro Plan. The Pro Plan provides you with the most features such as an unlimited amount of projects in your account, code export, password protected sites and white labeling for client billing. However, if you plan to have several team members work on Webflow projects, I suggest getting a Team Plan. The Team plan gives you all the same features as the Pro Plan but allows you to work with several people of your team in one Webflow account. This means John could work on Webflow project X, while Jennifer could work at Webflow project Y at the same time. Keep in mind though, you cannot work on the same Webflow project simultaneously, meaning John and Jennifer cannot access Webflow project X at the same time. Each Team Plan requires at least 2 team members and you can add additional team members for a monthly fee. If you are interested in learning more about the Team Plan, I have put together a separate article about this topic as well: "Webflow team plan: explained".

Which site plan do I need for my client sites?

Each of your client sites needs a Site Plan in order to connect it to the client's custom domain. Otherwise your client site will only be available via Webflow's own staging domain with isn't ideal. You will need to choose your Site Plan depending on your client's needs. If the site is fairly basic and doesn't require the Webflow CMS, you should be right with the Basic Plan. For most sites though that have a blog, news section or other dynamic content you will need to purchase a Site Plan. Additional features (such as an increase in available CMS collection items or form submissions) can be accessed via the Business and Enterprise Plan. These are re-occuring costs your client will have to cover either directly if you transfer their site to their own Webflow account or via your agency if you are using Webflow's client billing feature and you manage their site via their own account – more on client billing and transferring accounts can be found in my articles:

In case you would like to check actual prices you can do so directly on Webflow's own pricing site. I hope this has cleared up a few things in regards to choosing the right Webflow plan for your agency as well as your client. If you need more information, you can also take a look at another article I wrote on the topic of site and account plans here: "Webflow pricing and account/site plans explained".

This is the second part of a three part series "Webflow for ad and creative agencies" – watch out for the remaining article in which I talk about educating your clients about Webflow. If you have not read the first part that explains some of the advantages of using Webflow in your agency, I recommend taking a look checking this out as well.

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