Webflow: Cloneable components for you

Hey Webflow fans! Who doesn't love cloneable Webflow components that you can use and re-use in your own projects for free? In case you haven't noticed, I've got my own depository of cloneable components that you can access directly on this site. While it might not be as extensive as some of the other resource libraries online (I recommend downloading my free Webflow Resource Kit for links to some of these websites), I continuously add bits and pieces that I create through my work as a Webflow Designer. Currently (as of November 2020) there are sliders, collection filters and more available and ready to clone. Some of the components to date include:

  • CMS Card Slider
  • CMS Collection Filter
  • Slide-in Hover Transition
  • CMS Background Video Feature
  • Matterport CMS Integration

It's worth checking back every now and again to see what's been added recently. However, keep in mind that some components are only displayed properly on the live site, so make sure to check the Webflow staging link.

Webflow staging link: https://webflowcomponents.webflow.io/

To open the site in Webflow: https://webflow.com/website/Webflow-Components

Hope this is useful to you. Enjoy! For any feedback just send me an email.

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