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The best YouTube channels for (ongoing) Product Designers

Wanna dive into product design? No worries - check out some of the YouTube channels of product designers at Uber, Zendesk and elsewhere! There are plenty of videos ranging from user research to interview techniques! Happy (binge)-watching!

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You’re a graphic designer or web designer and would like to learn more about product design? Great! There are plenty of fantastic resources out there. In this post I introduce you to 3 great YouTube channels run by product designers who provide content all around UI, UX and product design. Without further ado, here it goes...


Femke van Schonhoven is a product designer who grew up in New Zealand. Previously working at Uber Amsterdam, she has now transferred over to Canada, working for the same company. In her (rather irregular) videos she talks about how she got the job at Uber (coming from a graphic design & marketing background), how she does user research and product retrospectives. Femke doesn’t only give ongoing and established product designers a glimpse into how product design works at Uber specifically, but also shows how to master design interviews generally and gives handy tips on tools of the trade. Highly recommended!

Femke - Product Designer

Churnbuns (Christine Chun)

Christine is a product designer who – after starting out with content in the beauty and fashion space – has now shifted to providing videos around her profession. Common subjects and questions raised in the industry such as “do designers need to know how to code”, “dealing with imposter syndrome” or “how to get a ux job without experience” are being answered here. Definitely check out here channel!


Hello, I’m Alexa

Alexa has lots of UX related content on her YouTube channel. While she’s recently switched roles at Zendesk from UX design to design community management, her content is still super useful for anyone interested in the topic. Alexa has published “Design Dates” videos, which are interviews with other designers, done a series on “designer titles” and generally offered her learnings and takeaways in the product design field. Take a look at her content - I hope there is plenty more to come in the future!

Hello, I’m Alexa

Jesse Showalter

I think Jesse’s channel is great - that’s why I have probably already mentioned him in one of my other blog posts. As a web/UI/UX designer from the US he provides a huge amount of content ranging from design systems, css and html coding to design tools, and UI design project walkthroughs. Highly valuable for anyone interested in product and digital design!

Design/Life/Code - Jesse Showalter

Hope you find a YouTube channel that is right for you and that you can get value from! Happy (binge)-watching!

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