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The best ‘ladies only’ Facebook Groups for (web) designers

While I don’t really post much at all on my personal Facebook feed, I use Facebook groups quite a lot to chat to others in the industry, receive advice and help out wherever I can myself. As a designer specialising in Webflow, I of course spend a bit of time in groups such as Webflow Designers (Global) or Ran Segall’s Webflow Masterclass group. However, there are plenty of other design-minded groups that provide support for both technical (web) design as well as business related questions. Some of them are specifically directed at female designers or for some reason attract mostly ladies. In this post I’d like to introduce you to some of my favourite ones. Here we go…

Creative Lady Collective

A very active group with about 4700 members that discusses heaps of design and business related topics. The description reads: ''The Creative Lady Collective” is a supportive community for women creatives”.

Freelancing Females

What’s great about this very large (32k members) group is that most users consistently put an appropriate hashtag in front of their query which is quite helpful if you’re just quickly scrolling downwards and scanning the page. It’s a great place to “share jobs, ask questions and part knowledge in the freelance community” (quoting the group’s self-description).

The Designer Collective

A group with over 5000 members founded by designer turned course creator Nesha Woolery. Nesha teaches freelance designers how to organise their business. The group is for all web and graphic designers to help each other build their online businesses.

Web Designer Boss-Ladies

I just joined this relatively new group (only 320 members)  very recently and really like the vibe in this group. From wanting to know how to write more successful proposals, to fixing coding issues, there are lots of different topics being discussed here.

LWS Design Collective

Another successful female-only group with lots of regular, active users exchanging helpful tips and advice to like minded individuals.

While all of these groups are geared towards women, I’ll soon publish a blog post showcasing some groups that are open to everyone. Can you recommend some that you simply love? Let me know!

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