The 3 only design podcasts I'm listening to right now

Hey Webflow fans! Keen to listen to some great design-related podcasts? Look no further, cos I have gathered three of my favourite podcasts in this area which I am currently subscribed to.

I quite enjoy listening to podcasts - especially when I'm driving or when I am working on relatively mundane tasks that don't require a lot of complex thought processes or creativity. I've listened to lots of podcasts over the years, but every now and then I purge some that aren't that relevant to me anymore and keep the ones that I still listen to regularly. This declutters my podcast list in Apple Podcasts and makes it quicker for me to find what I am actually looking for. I usually download a few podcast episodes to my phone so I can easily listen to them when I don't have WIFI. While I also listen to some non-design related podcasts, I quite like to have at least a few great design podcast episodes available at all times. Check out some of my favourite design-related podcasts – and actually the only ones I am currently subscribed to – here:

Design Life Podcast

Design Life is a great podcast hosted by Femke and Charli, two Designers who are talking about all things design, careers and more. Recent topics include "Design reviews and getting feedback", "Tackling implementation issues between design and development" and "Speeding up the design process". Femke and Charli know what they are talking about – Charli is the Creative Director at ConvertKit, while Femke is a Product Designer at Uber in Canada. The podcast is definitely worth a listen, no matter if you are an experienced creative or are just starting out.

Being Freelance Podcast

The Being Freelance is a podcast about freelancers. Host Steve interviews freelancers from all walks of life – Designers, Videographers, Writers and more – and asks them how they got started being freelance, their journey to becoming a successful solopreneur and the learning they got along the way. It is really quite interesting to find out about other creative's stories and their path in life and you should subscribe to Being Freelance if you feel the same.

The Future Belongs to Creators

Only recently I have started to listen to this fantastic podcast - The Future Belongs to Creators - by Mailchimp competitor ConvertKit. The three hosts dig into interesting topic that are relevant to online content creators such as discovering your niche, avoiding burnout, responsibility as a creator and making the leap to become a full-time creator. Their insights are super useful if you are considering to either use content creation as a way to drive your business or are looking at becoming a content creator full-time. Check it out!

Got another great design-related podcast you just can't stop listening to? Let me know!

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