My three favorite websites for vector icons

Oftentimes using iconography can convey a message better than photos could. But where to find high-quality icon resources that don't strain your (or your client’s) budget? I’ve compiled a brief list with three of my favorite online resources that let you download a variety of vector icons.


Flaticon Website


Flaticon lets you download single icons, as well as complete icon packs. Icon packs can be very useful if you need several icons for your project and want to ensure consistency (same line weight, style etc.) between icons. The service lets you download icons for free, but you’ll have to give attribution inside your project. Alternatively you can pay for a 1 month or 12 months subscription and don’t have to attribute your source.

Flaticon Website


The Noun Project Website

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a well-known resource in the design world. Here you can also download icons for free (attribution needed) or purchase a license. You also have the option to filter icons by icon designer,so if a designer has uploaded an icon you like, you can easily find icons by the same creator. There is also a free plugin for you to download for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, as well as MS Office applications (Word& PowerPoint) applications that let you insert Noun Project icons easily while working in any of these programs.

Noun Project Website


Icons 8 Website

Icons 8

Another great resource is Icons 8. Here you can easily find icons that match up with each other. You can search by style (such as filled or outline icon) color or category (sports, tech, animals etc.). All icons can be accessed and used free of charge.

Icons 8 Website


Hope these resources help you when you’re looking for icons for your next project – no matter if this is a Webflow site design or something else entirely.

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