My favourite design & freelancing podcasts – July 2020

I love listening to podcasts and I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ones. So, in this article I'm introducing you to 5 of my favourite podcasts that I've been listening to the last couple of months. Some of them you might know already... while others not so much. I always try to "clean up" my podcast library, so I don't have a gazillion of podcasts in my app (I use the classic podcasts app on my iPhone) at all times. Let's get started with 5 hand-picked podcasts from my library (in no particular order)...


A relatively new podcast started only in April about "working from home with less stress and more freedom so you can live life on your terms" as the makers say. The podcast episodes that usually go for about an hour range from topics such as "video call fatigue" and "preventing burnout and maintain quality work" to "does listening to music help or hurt productivity".  This is definitely that is worth listening to as the two hosts Kyle and Cory discuss topics that are often on people's minds when they're working from home. Check it out!

One Wild Ride

If you haven't had a look at this one yet, do it NOW. Host Pru interviews a variety of creative entrepreneurs and business owners and learns about their story, failures and successes. Some of the guests include Paul Jarvis (author, maker and creative), Trent Innes (CEO of accounting software Xero), Tony and Maureen Wheeler (founder of Lonely Plant). What's especially great is that there's a mix of very well known personalities as well as lesser known (but not less interesting) people being interviewed. It's worth listening if you're interested in other business owner's stories and ways of working and thinking.

Side Hustlers

The Side Hustlers podcast by Carla Marie talks to people who are following their passion outside of their day job. Oftentimes the guest's side hustle is quite different to their day job. Some side hustlers have developed products, or are offering services. Podcast episode range from 20 minutes to over an hour, so they're perfect for short and longer commutes. You can check out the Side Hustlers podcast here:

Being Freelance

This is a podcast about freelancers and for freelancers. Now at episode 226 host Steve Folland has interviewed quite a few freelancers and entrepreneurs and really asks them the question of how they got to where they're now. His guests range from graphic and web designers to copywriters, coaches and videographers (plus many more). But it's not so much about someone's profession but about his/her story, experiences and learnings. While this podcast isn't the new kid on the block it's still very much worth looking into if you haven't done so already.

I am a Creator

This fairly new podcast by email marketing firm ConvertKit explores the stories of some of their actual clients. In short, bite sized episodes (not more than 20 minutes) the host tells the (life) stories of online (course) creators. While this podcast could have ended up more like a 20 minute ad, it hasn't. Instead the host doesn't focus on how their clients have used ConvertKit to achieve their goals but simply how they became online creators and how they overcame struggles on the way. You can see if this podcast is right for you here:

And to top it off, here's another bonus podcast you might not know about.

Design Life

This podcast by Femke (Product Designer at Uber) and Charli Marie (Designer at ConvertKit) is super-focused on design and anything related to it. "Creating design processes and workflows", "Attaching self worth to your work" or "Design reviews and getting feedback" are just some of the recent episode titles. What is really great is that Charli and Femke work at very different companies. They're both  in tech, Femke works at tech giant Uber, while Charli works at vastly smaller ConvertKit. This enables you as the listener to really get an insight how things work at these companies and gauge the different perspectives both ladies sometimes have on the topics discussed. I can only say that this is a very insightful and enjoyable podcast to listen to and you should definitely listen if you haven't done so before.

Have you got a podcast I should be checking out? Send me an email!

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