My 3 favourite Skillshare classes in September 2020

Just recently I have been giving Skillshare a go, using their 2 month free trial. My goal was to see what kind of courses in the design/multimedia/creativity space the platform offered and if I was able to use Skillshare to further my knowledge in photography, videography, sound and more. What I really like about Skillshare (and, no I'm not a Skillshare affiliate), is that they offer bite-sized learning and are actually highly focussed on teaching classes in the creative field that are not just limited to software skills and tutorials.

After going through several different courses on the platform I can say I am pleasantly surprised with the quality some of the content available. Definitely look out for the courses labeled "Original" and "Staff Pick", as I found most of my favourite courses there. And no, none of the courses I picked for this article is a Webflow course. While there are a few courses that teach you how to use Webflow, I didn't find them as valuable as some of the other free and paid content out there on the internet. So, without further ado, here are three of my favourite courses on Skillshare.

How to Make a Podcast: Plan, Record, and Launch with Success

John Lagomarsino

Podcasting. This is a great course for anyone who ever thought about starting a podcast. John really goes into all the details - from how to write your script or outline, to gear advice and making your podcast available online. Superb course, which is also suitable for using as a reference that you can come back to on your journey to becoming a podcaster.

Creativity Unleashed: Discover, Hone, and Share Your Voice Online

Nathaniel Drew

If you don't know Nathaniel Drew, you should go to YouTube right now and check out his channel. Done that? Great. Nathaniel's course talks in a very calm way about what it means to be a creative, to develop your skills and express yourself online. A course that is a must for any (aspiring) content creator (no matter if this is on YouTube or elsewhere). Don't miss that one!

Street & Documentary Photography: The Ongoing Moment

Andre D. Wagner

Andre is a superb photographer from NYC who mainly does street photography. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with web design or Webflow but I believe it's highly beneficial to also explore other creative mediums and learn from other professionals in this area. Andre takes his students out into the streets and shows them how he takes his photos, his thought process and why he does what he's doing.

Bonus: If you're into classic graphic design (including logo and branding work, definitely also check out any of the courses Aaron James Draplin teaches - he's a true legend!

What are your favourite courses on Skillshare? Do you like to branch out and further your skills in areas other than web design and Webflow? Let me know here.

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