My 3 favourite creativity courses on Skillshare

Looking for online courses that spark your creativity and gather inspiration for your next design or Webflow project? Check out my collection of favourite Skillshare courses in this post. And no, this is not a sponsored article by any means.

This isn't a sponsored post. Instead I am simply sharing some of my favourite courses on Skillshare  (as of March 2021) which I have quite enjoyed recently. In case you haven't heard, Skillshare is a platform that provides a variety of video-based courses on a variety of topics such as design, photography, videography, drawing and more. Compared to other similar learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare really focusses way more on creative subjects instead of software skills. While there are quite a few good ones of those as well (I especially enjoy the Premiere Pro course by by Adobe Certified Expert Daniel Scott), I think learning new software wont be the main reason you'd sign up for a Skillshare account. Without further ado – here are some of my favourite courses on the platform (in no specific order whatsoever):

  • Creativity Unleashed: Discover, Hone, and Share Your Voice Online (by Nathaniel Drew)Some of you might know Nathaniel from his very popular YouTube channel (and if you don't, I recommend checking it out). In his course Nathaniel helps you establish your own online presence, not so much from a practical point of view (which software to use, how many times to post etc.), but more in terms of mindset. He answers questions such as how to evolve your work when you grow as a creator, how to establish your core theme, overcoming insecurities as a creator and more. Definitely have a look at his course.
  • Get Inspired: Explore Your City (by Rich Armstrong)I never heard of Rich before taking this course, but I took a chance and quite enjoyed it actually. Rich talks about how to gather inspiration from your own hometown (or a town close by) and use your findings to create something - this could be anything: an artwork, something digital, a written piece. Basically anything. Especially in the current times in which travelling to far away places is oftentimes either not possible or not practical it's great to have a way to discover new (and old) spots to trigger and inspire future creative projects. Check out this course and then grab your camera and/or notepad and venture outside (as long as it's safe to do so of course and permitted at your current location).
  • Outdoor Photography: See, Shoot & Share the Beauty Around You (by Minh T.)Yeah, you might not be a (professional) photographer, but it's always great to learn new stuff and follow a pro around if you can - even if it's only online. Minh takes you two separate locations (nature and architecture/buildings) and shows you how to how to "see" when taking photos. Doesn't matter if you've got a DSLR or just your mobile phone, it's all about composition, light etc. at this stage. Why not get away from your computer for a bit after taking this course and experimenting with your camera yourself?

Hope you enjoyed this brief list of courses and try out one of these as well. Skillshare often has 14 day trials available and sometimes different YouTube channels who are being sponsored by the platform offer these as well, so you can take courses without paying anything at all. Pretty neat I'd say.

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