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My 2-week web design process & how it works

I do things a little bit different than most (web) designers. For all my web design projects I use the “2-week model”, meaning I only work with one client at a time, completing a website in a 2-week time period. This has several advantages for my clients and I’m highlighting a few of them below:

Guaranteed launch date

My client can be certain that his site will be launched and ready to go in just two weeks. No week or months long back and forth with a freelancer or agency who might be busy with another project or is understaffed due to employees being sick or on leave.

Client & project gets undivided attention

Unlike many agencies or freelancers I don’t juggle several projects and clients at the same time. During the 2-week design period I focus solely on my current web design project. This helps me to dive deeper into each project, explore different design solutions and come to a result that is right for the project at hand.

Unlimited client revisions & edits

Designers usually include a fixed amount of revisions, in order to avoid scope creep and to keep the project profitable for them. However with the 2-week design project I enable clients to request as many revisions as they like – during the 2 weeks we’re working together. While this requires them to be very responsive when it comes to providing feedback, it allows me to get their site just right without having to charge extra for any changes that were not included in the original quote.

So now let’s see how this process actually works.

Pre-design Phase

I make it easy for clients to book a free consultation call by using the scheduling tool Acuity on my website. During our 30-minute conversation we talk about the project, any requirements, and goals. As an alternative, sometimes a simple conversation via email also works. Once we're all on one page, I send over a project proposal/contract, outlining all the details. As soon as they've approved the contract/proposal and paid the initial deposit, we are ready to start. They'll receive a welcome pack with a short questionnaire and instructions on how to supply content such as images and copy.

Week 1 - Design & Development

At the start of this week we'll have a brief call going over their questionnaire and the content they've supplied. Taking their target audience, as well as their own preferences into consideration I then craft a site that represents your studio perfectly. I ensure that visitors can find their way around easily and my client can update the site without having to hire outside help or provide extensive training their your team.

Week 2 - Feedback & Finishing Touches

At the start of week two I'll provide my clients with a static mockup of their site. As soon as I’ve got their approval, I start building the site in Webflow and provide a link to the live website. It isn't connected to their own domain yet, so only the client is able to view it. They then have the opportunity to give feedback on the design and functionality. I don't limit the number of revisions they can have – they just need to remember our launch date is Friday of week 2. I will also make final changes and connect any third party integrations.

Week 2 - Launch

On Friday of week 2 we're ready to launch! I'll record an individual training lesson, showing my client how to update and maintain their brand new studio site. As soon as they've paid the remainder of the project fee, I connect their website to their custom domain and transfer site ownership over to them. Yay! Their site is now live and ready to use!

How long did it take your previous (or current) web designer to get your website running? And how was this process for you? Be sure to let me know if you’ve got any questions regarding the 2-week design process I describe in this blog post.

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