Money & financial independence for designers: "Money School" (book review)

Want to know more about investing and letting your hard earned money as a web and digital designer work for you? Have a look at Lacey Filipich's book "Money School" to learn about different ways to reach financial independence.

Here comes another book review. This time I'm taking a look at a book I just finished recently: "Money School" by Lacey Filipich. Lacey is a former chemical engineer turned financial expert from Australia, who's reached financial independence (FI) quite early in her life and now doesn't need to actively work to meet her living expenses. If you want to learn more about Lacey and her story, I highly recommend watching her TED talk:

In her book Lacey explains how she personally got to this stage, and outlines the steps readers can take to go into the same direction as well. She talks the reader through topics like shares, bonds, property and other investment methods that are oftentimes not very well explained elsewhere. What's also great is that she doesn't recommend certain products, but encourages you to do your own research. She gives you pro and cons lists for different investment methods and lets you make your own choices.

While the book as somewhat of a focus on Australia and the Australian financial market (which, as an Aussie I found really useful), the book talks about many financial concepts that are universal and that can be applied no matter where you're located. If you want to first have a peek at the book, and learn more about the author, you can go to  If would like to get an entry level, easy to digest overview of investment and saving strategies (even if you're not after FI), I definitely recommend this book.

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