Learn, Watch, Read: 3 Resources for Webflow and UI/UX Designers – June 2021

Looking for new things to read, watch and learn from? Check out three great resources that I as a UI/UX Designer and Webflow Pro have enjoyed recently.

In this blog post I introduce you to design resources I have enjoyed lately. This article is not comprised of a long list of items, instead I have reduced my list to just three: 1 article to read, 1 course to learn from and 1 interesting thing to watch. Without further ado, let's get started...

Watch: Config 2021

Many Designers - including myself - use the popular UI design tool Figma. But did you know Figma puts on a yearly design conference as well? While it's currently held online, it's still a great event with lots of design-related talks and keynotes. What's great as well is that all content is free to watch online even after the event is over. Some of my favourite talks include: "Confessions of a flawed designer" (Pablo Stanley), "Unexpected Places – Figma as a space for anything and everything" (Ace Chen) and "Everything is not fine (and that's ok)" (Nannearl Brown). You can find all these talks (and more) on Figma's YouTube channel.

Learn: Intro to UX: Designing with a User-Centered Approach

No, this isn't a sponsored post for Skillshare. But if you are a Skillshare member you can  watch this informative course by Cinthya Mahr (Head of UX for Google Finance & Financial Health). The course "Designing with a User-Centered Approach" is especially useful if you are interested in user experience and user interface design and would like to brush up on some of its principles and processes. Be sure to check this one out!

Read: How to use empathy to design for inclusion

While InVision (the makers of the prototyping tool InVision) seems to have lost users in recent times, their blog still offers lots of useful articles. The article I want to point out here is called "How to use empathy to design for inclusion" (Liz Steelman) and outlines how a US agency developed online training to help young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder navigate job interviews. This very insightful blog post doesn't only show how the agency in question (Very Big Things) tackled this task but also gives helpful tips on how you can better design inclusive digital projects. Definitely worth a read!

Hope this article was helpful to you and you are keen to have a look at some of the resources mentioned above. Want to recommend other great resources for UI/UX Designers or Webflow Developers? Send me an email!

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