How to create a CMS-driven testimonial slider in Webflow

If you're reading this you might already familiar with Webflow, but if not you can sign up for an account here (yes, that's an affiliate link). Testimonial sliders are pretty common on websites, as they showcase what former and current clients have said about your business. Slides usually change automatically, but oftentimes there are buttons or arrows that allow the user to move between slides manually.

However, you might not know that you can easily use Webflow’s CMS (content management system) to dynamically change and update the content of your slider. Such content can for instance include a background image, testimonial copy, testimonial author, the author’s title and company name and maybe even a logo of his or her company. A toggle switch inside the CMS can enable you to switch certain slides on or off, without having to change the slider directly on the page. All this is especially useful if you want your client who does not have access to Webflow’s Designer, but only the Editor to change any of the contents in the slider.

As I’ve implemented such a slider for a client just recently, this process is still fresh in my mind. I’ve made a brief instructional video on how to set up such a slider in Webflow – check it out below.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions about this!

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