Great go–to job boards for Marketing, Web, UI and UX Designers

Looking for a job as a (Webflow) Designer? Or are you into UI/UX design and need a new freelance gig? Check out some of the job boards listed in this blog article.

No matter if you are a Web, Graphic, UI or UX Designer, you might have gone through quite a few online job boards in search of your next dream job. Especially with the rise of remote jobs in the tech industry, more and more job boards have specialised in jobs that are advertise as remote roles. Other job boards and job websites at least allow users to select "working from home" or "remote" as a search criteria. Nevertheless, most people seem to visit the same old job boards that have been around for a while now, so I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to sites you might not know about yet or haven't been using frequently in the past. Let's get started!

AngelList (

While this is not a brand-new job board, it is one some Designers might not look at first when considering new opportunities. AngelList focuses on jobs in the startup world and lets users filter by job title, skills, category, location and more. You can also specify if you only want to consider positions that can be done remotely ("Only show jobs at companies that are mostly or fully remote"). As someone looking for a job you can also set up your own profile and can then be found by startups registered with the site. Definitely check this site out if you are keen on a job in the startup world.

Femke's Job Board (

This job board has been established quite recently (June 2021) by Uber Product Designer Femke Schoonhoven and features mainly UI/UX/Product Design roles. According to the the description the job board is a "collection of curated product design and UX/UI design job openings from around the world. New jobs added every Friday".  While most companies advertising on the site seem to be based in the US, hopefully there will be more job advertisements available from organisations in other parts of the world. That said, the majority of positions are remote roles, so chances are also non-US residents could be successful in scoring one of these positions (keeping in mind some US companies prefer to hire from within the US only, even for remote roles).

Charlie Marie's Job Board (

Following her friend Femke's example, ConvertKit's Creative Director Charlie Marie has established a brand spanking new job board specifically for Marketing Design roles. Position titles include Brand Designer, Senior Communications Designer, Social Media Designer and more. So if you are not the UI/UX/Product Design type of gal/guy, take a peek at the roles on this fantastic job board for sure.

Cavalry (

Not so much a job board but more of a job platform is Cavalry. Focused on Australian creatives, the site lets users create their own profile with work examples, resume, availability, rates and more. As soon as suitable gigs are available, users receive an email with a link to the role and the opportunity to apply. When applying users can send accompanying materials or personal messages and put together a mini-proposal. Most roles are remote roles, on a freelance or short contract basis. The interesting thing here is that creatives can keep track of their gigs through the platform and also do invoicing through it if needed. Creatives are not charged any fees, instead, companies are charged for posting advertisements. Check it out if you are based in Australia.

Das Auge (

Based in Germany, Australia or Switzerland? Even if you are not based in any of these countries it can be worth checking this site out. Das Auge lets you search for freelance and permanent roles, as well as internship opportunities. Especially since the Corona crisis many of these are now also offered remotely. While for some roles you'll require good German language skills (and many advertisements are indeed written in German), there are some jobs that are suitable if you're an English speaker as well. So have a look and see if there is something that interests you.

Have a look at some of these job boards to see if there's a role for you! Let me know if you've found something suitable and/or even landed a job on one of these sites. Good luck!

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