Doing good: 3 digital and branding agencies having a positive impact

Ready to be inspired by digital agencies that are doing good in the world? Then check out these three organisations that are hailing not from New York or San Francisco, but from Perth, Western Australia.

It’s time for another agency snapshot and this time I focus on agencies that don’t only do great work but that also focus on helping other organization do good in the world. As I’m based in Perth, Australia I have chosen to introduce you to companies that are based here in Western Australia and that you might not be familiar with if you’re located elsewhere in the world.



The first agency on the list is Anthologie. The studio does a variety of work ranging from digital to branding and film and content marketing. The company has become a B Corporation and has worked together with cultural organizations such as the Perth Symphony Orchestra, government departments and nonprofit organizations.

Also checkout their website, which is quite well done with lots of smart (but not over the top) animations and interactions.

Anthologie Website


Anthologie Website

Draw History

Draw History, another Perth-based agency, says of themselves they are “a strategy and design studio focused on advancing equity through design, storytelling and education”. Clients include the Centre for Social Impact, and the St John of God Foundation. Definitely check it out! Besides their actual client work, they have started a new venture called the“DrawHistory Academy”. It provides workshops for with and for social change makers with sessions including discussion-driven as well as hands-on programs.You can take a closer look here:

So, have browse on their site and see some of their great work in action.

Draw History Website


Draw History Website

Media on Mars

I’ve probably already featured them on this blog before, but I just love their work and vibe, so I'm including them in this post as well. Media on Mars is very much focused on working with public sector, non-profit and community organisations, providing everything from way finding systems to annual reports and websites. The Fremantle-based agency has worked on a variety of great projects.Some of my favorites include promotional material for the International Street Festival (City of Fremantle),a website and branding for non-profit organisation Living Smart, as well the online presence for DADAA – a Western Australian disability services organisation.

If you haven’t done so already, check out some of their work now!

Media on Mars Website

Media on Mars Website


So, have a wander around those sites, check out the great work some of these agencies are doing! And if you know about other great agencies doing fantastic work for good people: let me know!

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