Cloneable Webflow Resources: Card Slider

And here comes another great little resource for Webflow! Haven't heard of Webflow before? You can check it out and sign up for an account here (yes, that's an affiliate link). Just recently I needed a card slider for a Webflow web design project I was working on. Luckily someone had already created such a component and published it as a cloneable resource on the Webflow Showcase. So building the slider from scratch wasn't necessary (what a time saver). Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the original developer and can't find the resource on the showcase anymore (if you've created this - thanks, and make yourself known so I can credit you here!).

As you can see on the sample staging site at xxx the slider is made up of individual cards that scroll horizontally when you move your mouse or use a swipe gesture on mobile. That's right, the slider also works on mobile devices such as tablets and phones. A link (in this case a button) can lead to either an external site, internal page or even an individual CMS page. In the example component the slider is set up as part of a CMS collection and pulls data from the CMS. Neat!

To use the slider on your own site you have to:

  1. Clone the project and copy the slider over to the site you want to use it on
  2. Set up your own CMS collection and connect it to the slider.
  3. Copy the custom code that is present in the page settings into your own project. You can access the settings by pressing the little cog icon next to the page your slider is located on.
The card slider as shown in Webflow's Designer

The card slider as it will appear on the published site

Don't forget to copy the page settigs code into your own project

Keep in mind that only after you publish your site, you'll the the slider in action. The slider won't show or function properly in Webflow's own preview or in the Designer.

You can check out (and clone) the slider project here:

Also in case you landed here as an absolute Webflow newbie and haven't got an account yet, you can get one here (yep, that's an affiliate link).

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