Three superb business podcasts for creative freelancers

Designers love to design and do the work they enjoy! I quite like working with Webflow (and Figma, and Sketch) but I'm the same as many other creatives when it comes to running your own shop …especially for creatives who are just starting out with their freelance business,the business-side of things can get quite overwhelming and can be infused with a little uncertainty. So, in this blog post I’ll introduce you to three helpful podcasts that talk about “the business of design”. Topics often range from how to organise your business, which tools to use as well as how to shift your mindset from order-taker to business owner.


Screw the Nine to Five

In their podcast Jill and Josh Stanton interview a variety of insightful guests and talk to them about their journey of becoming successful business owners. They also discuss interesting topics such as how to best rain new team members, how to begin your perfect work day and beliefs you might have that are sabotaging your success. Definitely check it out!

Screw the Nine to Five Podcast


Go-To Gal

Host Jaclyn Mellone is a business owner, who provides super-useful and quite meaty podcast episodes (ranging from 30 minutes to over an hour). She talks about creating services that are easy to sell, your money mindset as well as how to leverage the business community (e.g. community over competition). Well worth a listen!

Go To Gal Podcast


The Simple Business Show

Hosted by business-organisation wizard Nesha Woolery, this podcast shows you how to best get your head around all that admin stuff you don't really like to do (book keeping and invoicing anyone?). Nesha is of the firm believe that by getting yourself organised and putting systems in place you will be less stressed and ultimately come across as more professional to your clients. In her podcast talks about how to choose the right tools to organise your business or how to recognize and avoid business burnout. She also interviews other creative business owners and how they have organised their business to become more productive. Definitely have a listen to that one!

The Simple Business Show Podcast


There are plenty more useful and fun business-related podcasts directed at the solopreneur and creative business owner, but I’ll leave those for another day!Hit me up if you want some more recommendations!

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