Book review: The Multi-Hyphen Method

Time for another book review! This time I would like to introduce you to "The Multi-Hyphen Method" by Emma Gannon. The book with the subtitle "Work less, create more, and design a career that works for you", essentially talks about how skilled workers today have the opportunity today to work on a wide range of projects and different jobs simultaneously. She outlines why you it makes sense to develop a broad spectrum of skills and craft these into side hustles that generate income.

And I can totally relate to her message. In an area were job security is a thing of the past, it is a sensible thing to have not just one job but have a role with several facets/hyphens. In my case that would be Part-Time Digital Designer - Webflow Designer - Blogger. But this is flexible and you're able to add on different roles or replace them with new ones. Emma gives suggestions on how to make this multi-faceted life possible, how to increase productivity and how to "channel our own entrepreneurial spirit to live more fulfilled and financially health lives".

Definitely check out Emma's book. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! You can find the book online or maybe even at your local library.

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