Another book review: Seize the Yay (by Sarah Davidson)

Webflow Designer? Creative? Freelancer? Doesn't matter – if you are looking for some more reading material... check out Sarah Davidson's book "Seize the Yay" – I am reviewing it here in this new blog post.

Today I want to tell you about a great book that I've just finished reading yesterday - "Seize the Yay" by Sarah Davidson. Sarah Davidson is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who started Matcha Maiden, an Aussie ecommerce startup importing and selling organic green tea products.

Matcha Maiden – Sarah's e-commerce business

Sarah's book is not so much about the practicalities of starting your own product business, but more about the learnings she obtained during her journey as a young online business owner. In her book she talks about mindset, dealing with setbacks and nay-sayers, settings boundaries and surrounding yourself with the right people (building your "yay-bourhood as Sarah says)".  Sarah comes across as very relatable and never claims to have all the answers. She takes the reader on a journey - her journey - and isn't afraid to also share some of the hard lessons she's had to learn on the way.

By the way, the author also has a successful podcast called "Seize the Yay" in which she interviews other inspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

Seize the Yay Podcast

Seize the Yay – the book

You can find the book in most book stores online – it is available as a paperback and Kindle edition. Definitely check out both the book and podcast if you're looking for some more reading material or need a new podcast for your next commute. And if you've already read the book, let me know what you thought of it. Or if you've read other, similar books you liked, tell me about them in the comments!

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