Another book review: Profit Wise (by Jeff Morrill)

You are looking at starting your own creative agency or would like to know how to improve the freelance business you're currently running? Check out this book by Jeff Morrill who's sharing his learnings about running a successful business, while still doing the right thing by others.

Profit Wise (TCK Publishing) by author Jeff Morrill is a quick read - just a little over 100 pages. Never heard of Jeff Morrill? Jeff is the owner of a US car dealership - and various other businesses - and shares lessons and insights he gathered through many years of running a business. The core of his message is this: you can be successful in business while still doing the right thing. From managing staff, hiring team members, marketing, doing customer service, to making sure your business does well in the long term, Jeff has quite a lot of practical advice packed into this short book. He gets straight to the point and avoids the fluff. Even if you're not in the automotive business (I'm a UI/UX and Webflow Designer after all), you can still get lots of useful insights from his writings. I certainly had my notebook at the ready to make brief notes of things that I wanted to remember or look into further. I believe Jeff's book is especially beneficial for anyone looking at moving from being a freelancer to running a (small) creative agency as he has lots of advice available on things like company culture, staff management and leadership.

I'd definitely check this book out if you are ready for a read that skips all the buzz words and gets straight to the good bits. You can find Profit Wise at all the usual online book retailers (including Amazon, and no, this isn't an affiliate link) - it's available as paperback, Kindle an audio book.

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