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Book Review: Chillpreneur

Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas is a book written for business owners, especially the ones who are offering their services online. Denise is a money and mindset coach, so her book is all about running a successful (online) business and overcoming some of the hurdles - both practical and mindset wise - that lay in your way. She answers questions such as "Should I barter my services with other professionals?", and "How can I add a passive income stream to my business?". She also offers super-useful scripts on answering emails from clients who've disappeared mid-project and suddenly turned up again or ones that are asking for a refund for your online course. While the book seems to be especially well fitting for female entrepreneurs (in particular throughout the mindset section of the book), the content is really useful for anyone with their own service or product based business.

Check out the book for yourself here:

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