Binge-worthy YouTube channels for designers and creatives

I love watching YouTube videos about design-related topics and have had quite a long list of channels in my YouTube subscription tab. But... just yesterday I decided to reduce my list of subscriptions to just the ones I watch most frequently and which actually release new and interesting content consistently. Not all of the channels I'm listing below are about Webflow (yes, I've got other interests as well), some of them are more focused on business, video production, user interface design, minimalism or creativity in general. Have a look through, keep an open mind and maybe you'll find a couple of resources you didn't know before...

Web Design & Webflow

Jesse Showalter

Jesse is pretty great and uploads lots of cool design-related content. From live design sessions with Adobe XD or Figma, tips for using colour in UI design or advice on how to best use the tool Notion as a designer – you'll find heaps of useful info here.


Charli is creative director at email marketing company ConvertKit and she has been publishing videos for several years now. She talks about her work at ConvertKit, reveals design career insights and tips and also has a great 11 part interview series on marketing design on her channel (definitely check that out). Don't forget to also look up her podcast Design FM which she hosts together with Uber product designer Femke.


If you're a Webflow veteran, you can just skip this paragraph. If you're just starting out with Webflow definitely check out Ran's channel. He's publishing lots of Webflow content as well as design/business related videos.

Pixel Geek

Nelson is a Webflow employee and offers a variety of fabulous Webflow tutorials and how to's on his channel. He's got an enormous knowledge of the tool and doesn't hesitate to show it here. If you're unsure of how to do a certain thing in Webflow you should certainly check out his channel as he's probably done a video about the very thing you're looking for.


Yes, it might be obvious but Webflow actually publishes most of it's Webflow University content on here for you to learn from. Plus this is also the place to find the short and pretty funny Webflow ads...

The Business of Design

The Futur

Chris Do and his team provide a huge amount of content on everything design and business. From scaling up your business to pricing and talking to clients. They've got you covered.

Florian Land

Video editor and content creator Florian doesn't only do very insightful "reaction videos" (in which he breaks down videos from other creators and explains certain video editing techniques) but also talks about how to approach potential clients, build your business, and what to charge as a creative.

Architecture, Design & Minimalism

Daniel Titchener

Daniel is an architect, turned content creator from the UK. He talks about modular and minimalist workspaces, storage solutions for small homes and gives advice on productivity and work routine. If nothing else, check out his videos for his smooth editing and visual language.

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel is a creative and content creator who's doing something right. Great visual language, and eloquently expressed thoughts on creativity and.. well.. life in general. Highly recommended.

Matt D'Avella

Director of the super successful Netflix documentary "Minimalism", film maker, content creator. Not only are his videos wonderfully produced, but he actually puts out thoughtful content around minimalism, freelancing, content creation and more. He's also done a pretty extensive interview series (The Ground Up Show) with lots of well known (and not so well known) guests. Go and check out his channel now!

Living Big in a Tiny House

Yes, I know, this might not be everyone's cup of tea. On this channel host Bryce visits tiny house owners around the world (well, lately mainly people based in New Zealand) and tours their tiny house. Oftentimes the home owners use multi-functional furniture that can be stowed away easily or utilised in different ways. So, even if you're not looking at moving into your own tiny home you might still get a few ideas on how to optimise your own living space.

Nessa Elessar

And if you've looked at and enjoy the Tiny House YouTube channel, you might also be interested at checking out Nessa's channel. Nessa doesn't only give you an insight into living in a tiny home as someone who's actually working from home but also talks about topics such as minimalism, privacy online, sustainable living and more. This is a German language channel with English subtitles.

So, while not all of these channels are strictly focused on web design, they still provide some great content on topics that are actually not so far removed from design in general. Oftentimes it can be quite useful to watch videos that you might not normally watch and thereby widen your horizon. Anyway – have fun watching!

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