Answered: What to do before transferring a Webflow project to your client's account

Considering to transfer a Webflow project to another account? In this article I highlight 3 important things you should do before going through with the transfer to avoid issues later down the track.

I've previously pointed out some of the things to keep in mind if you are considering to either keep your Webflow project in your own account or transfer it over to your client's account. I you are interested in this you can read the article which is called "Answered: Should I build my client's Webflow site on their account or use my own?".

However, in this article I'd like to talk about some of the things to consider when using Webflow's transfer function. If you are subscribed to Webflow's Lite Account Plan (or above) you are able to use this feature. Webflow then enables  you to transfer a project you created and move it into someone else's account. This can be useful if you don't want to use Webflow's client billing feature and don't want to host the site on behalf of your client. You can start the transfer by going into your project settings and pressing the little "person + arrow" icon in the navigation bar the top of your screen. To avoid possible issues and problems later down the track you should watch out for the following before you go ahead:

Duplicate your project. Always.

Before you do the transfer make sure you duplicate the project inside your own account. You can do this by clicking the three little dots on your project while you're in your Webflow dashboard. Duplicating the project ensures you have a copy just in case anything goes wrong during the transfer or your client accidently deletes the project from their account once the transfer has been completed. By keeping a copy of the project in your own account you are also able to re-use certain elements for other projects easily or use the site as a work sample even if your client doesn't have his site online anymore. Also, after your project is complete, some clients might change the website layout in a way that isn't very favorable and you can't use the site for your portfolio anymore. Having a copy elegantly solves this problem as well.

Get paid first. Always.

Before you start to transfer the project make sure you have been paid. As soon as the client has the project in their account they can basically ghost you and refuse payment since they've gotten what they needed and there might be little incentive for them to pay up. I personally have not had to deal with this issue before but I bet there are some freelancers out there who have made such an unfortunate experience before. Cover your bases and get payment sorted first.

Remember what is being transferred

.Usually all the content as well as the design is being transferred directly to the other account. This means CMS content moves over, as well as assets, custom fonts and more. This means that your site should work as before and doesn't require you to re-do any (design) work you've done previously. However, some client and account specific information won't be moving across, so you will have to re-instate these details again in your client's account once the transfer is done. One major example is any custom domain or hosting subscription details. The best way forward here is to only buy a site plan and connect the custom domain once the transfer is complete. Also pay special attention to any Adobe fonts you might have used. You can find a conclusive list of what is being transferred and what isn't on Webflow's own site.

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