Answered: Should I build my client's Webflow site on their account or use my own?

Confused about which account to use when building a new Webflow site? I explain when to use your own account and when it might make sense to use your client's Webflow account.

You've just started working with Webflow as a freelance Designer and have scored your first client. Congrats! So, should you now start building this website on your own Webflow account or log in to your client's account and build it there? What's better? Are there certain advantages or disadvantages for each methods? Yes, as with everything in life there are pros and cons for both methods and I have done both in the past depending on the project. Let's start by talking about when you should build the site on your own account.

In my experience it makes a lot of sense to start building the site on your own account and transfer the site over to your client's account once it's done. During the build you have full control over the site and you can then transfer it over to your client once the final payment has been made. Keep in mind though that you will need at least a Lite Account Plan to be able to transfer the site over to your client. If you don't want to transfer the site over but use Webflow's "client billing" feature instead and host it for them, no transfer is needed (find out more about client billing in my recent blog post). So, when you're creating a brand new website I would almost always start building with my own account.

There are some exceptions to this rule. One of these is that sometimes you might work with a team of other Designers or work as a freelancer or subcontractor for a creative or advertising agency. Here it makes sense to use Webflow's Team Account. If you want to know more about team accounts, I've written a blog post called "Webflow team plan: explained", which might come in handy as well. When you're working for an agency, oftentimes the agency sets this up and invites you as a team member. This is especially great when several people, including yourself have to access the site and make changes to it or add particular features. Be aware though that you cannot work on the same project at the same time - however, several people can be logged into the team account at once and work on a different project each.

Is there ever a good time to work directly inside your client's Webflow account I hear you ask? Well, while Webflow doesn't encourage users to build sites in someone else's account, there can be times when this makes sense nonetheless. For instance, if your client has already purchased a Webflow template and hires you to make changes to it, add functionality etc. It would just be too much of a hassle for your client to purchase the appropriate account plan to transfer the template to you, for you to work on it and then transfer it back. Also if your client already has an existing site he wants you to improve, it makes sense to do this directly in their account. If you do this be sure to take a 50% deposit or have some other way to ensure you are not out of pocket in the end if your client gets you to do all the work and then refuses to pay. When you're building within your client's account there is no way for you to withhold any of your work and the client can lock you out of the account as he sees fit. Also, as mentioned above when you're working in a team, it makes sense to work with an agency's team account, but the same items apply as above - you have to make sure you get paid for the work you do. In order to build a site with more than 2 pages inside your client's account, your client will need at least a paid site plan, as the free plan has a page limit.

In a nutshell:

Build on your own account if:

Build on your client's account if:

  • You are making changes to your client's existing Webflow site or template and you have taken the necessary steps to ensure you're getting paid for your efforts
  • If you're part of a team of Designers, encourage your client (oftentimes this is an agency) to establish a team account and invite you as a team member. The same precautions must be taken as when you're working with your client's account.

Hopefully this article has cleared up a few of your questions around when to build with your own Webflow account and when to use your client's account. As is often the case, things aren't always black and white and there are circumstances when one way wins over the other. Got more questions? Get in touch with me via email. Happy website building!

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