7 digital products for designers – discounted for Black Friday

Ready for a good deal (or two)? I've collected a few providers of digital products and services that might come in handy as a web and digital designer. Check them out and grab a bargain – most deals are still available until Monday!

Black Friday is already over, but most discounts are still available until Monday (yay!). That's why I have put together a short list of digital goods that a (Webflow) designer might need or want. But you better be quick, as Monday isn't too far away. Anyway – happy shopping and I hope you get the bargain you might have been looking for!


Affinity, the Adobe competitor with their suite of graphics programs (namely Publisher, Photo and Designer) is having a sale on. They're giving you 30% off on each of their applications.

You can check them out here: https://affinity.serif.com/


Speaking of Adobe, the software giant is also giving you a discount during Black Friday. Currently there's a 24% discount on a Creative Cloud subscription. Hop to it if you're so inclined.



While Webflow isn't offering any discounts on their account plans or site plans, they've got a 50% discount going for all of the templates in their marketplace. So, if you're someone who likes to start from a template you should definitely go and purchase it now.



Are you an Apple user? Were you planning to buy a new Mac or iPad in the near future. If you're ready to get one now, you'll also score a gift card at the same time. The gift card amount depends on the kind of device you're purchasing. Obviously you'll get a higher valued gift card if you're buying a laptop or desktop computer than if you're buying an Apple Watch.


Ran Segall's Webflow Course

Ran Segall, who's offering three different courses for ongoing and established (web) designers – one of them actually being a Webflow course – offers a discount of 40% for his courses. Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate for his courses and if you always wanted to sign up for one of them, now might be a good time.


The Futur

Online education company The Futur also has a sale on and offers a discount of 30% or more for their courses and educational resources.


Place It

Envato's site for downloading and creating digital mockups for anything from t-shirts to websites or apps also has a sale on. They're giving you a whopping 50% off for your annual subscription. If you want to know more about Place It, I mention the service in my previous blog post "4 great time saving tools for freelancers and designers".


That's it for now. I'll be back with a new blog article on Tuesday next week. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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