6 ways to niche down even further as a Webflow designer

As a freelancer it can be quite beneficial to niche down and focus on one particular area of work. Oftentimes designers like myself who are working solely with Webflow as their preferred platform. This in itself is already a form of niching down as they're excluding projects and clients who want to work with other platforms such as Wordpress or Squarespace.  In this article I want to explore how Webflow designers can niche down even further (basically sitting in a sub niche inside the Webflow design/development field) and offer Webflow-specific services and skills to their clients. This usually means they can do one specific thing really, really well and can then take advantage of this for their freelance business. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on which Webflow related skills you could hone in or even show you topics you could start to learn more about. And before you get started - if you haven't got a Webflow account yet, you can get one here. But now let's get started...

Interactions, animations and transitions

You're a pro with Webflow's interactions? You craft skilful, jaw dropping websites with amazing interactions? You could become the go-to person for this kind of work and talk to clients who are after a high-end experience that's different from what you see usually on the web. Like any of the ideas I'm listing here, this one can also be offered in addition to your "regular" Webflow design/development work.

Integrations and add-ons

Know how to work with Zapier? Have you connected a variety of different tools and services to Webflow sites, worked with API's and Webflow and are good at troubleshooting when issues arise? Oftentimes clients move a site from one Webflow account to another and might need some services re-connected. These are things not everyone is super familiar with and some designers simply don't want to spend lots of time dealing with these kinds of tasks. If you're a wizard with Webflow integrations and add-ons you might be able to offer this as your specific service.

Webflow eCommerce

You have experience setting up and maintaining an eCommerce store in Webflow? Great! You could focus on doing just that for your clients and become the expert in this particular area. If you also have Shopify skills: even better. This way you are able to offer an alternative to Webflow's native eCommerce solution as well! Go for it!

Custom code

Are you a front-end developer or JavaScript master? You could focus on providing custom code solutions for some of the more tricky features that Webflow doesn't provide natively yet. A client needs feature XYZ implemented and you can do that with code? Great. You make yourself super-valuable to clients as these are skills not every Webflow designer has.  Many designers are simply not interested to learn more than basic HTML and CSS, so you've got a leg up there! This is definitely a very good sub niche to specialise in.

Wordpress to Webflow migrations

More and more clients with larger websites with lots of dynamic CMS content are now moving over to Webflow. If you're a Webflow designer who can help clients to navigate the move well and make sure everything is working as it should on the other end than this might be the right niche for you. Transferring a large amount of Wordpress blog posts over the Webflow might not be everyone's dream but it's still something that clients need done. Taking care that any services connected to the client's Wordpress site previously is now available on their Webflow site is also a task that is essential in this space. And the more people wake up to Webflow and get on board the more work there is.

Webflow for a specific industry or profession

You've had lots of clients from the real estate sector? You know exactly how to integrate an IDX (real estate listing service) into Webflow? Why not focus on real estate clients and become the Webflow guru for the real estate industry? This is just an example and you could do the same for any other industry you're knowledgable in. You'll have a special advantage if you've previously worked in this sector and already have contacts and in-depth knowledge of your client's needs and requirements.

Do you focus in one particular industry or a specific Webflow-related skillset? Let me know!

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