4 great time saving tools for freelancers and designers

Everybody wants to save time and get things done as efficiently as possible (without compromising on quality). That's why I have collected some of my favourite little tools that I use frequently in my Webflow design business and that can make certain tasks easier and less time consuming. The services mentioned here are free and paid resources that I use quite frequently and that help me in running my Webflow design business more efficiently. So lets get right into it...

Place It

Place It is a website owned by Envato (the platform that sells all kinds of creative resources and templates). But what's Place It? Well, it is a site that lets you upload high-fidelity mockups of your designs and turn them into mockups you can use for client presentations or your own portfolio website. You can place a website design on a laptop screen or phone, slap a logo you created on a business card or coffee mug or put a design on a t-shirt. Yes, you can simply go online and grab free mockups and do this work in Photoshop, but I found that Place It is a real time saver here! I simply check which mockup I'd like to use and what size of high-fidelity image it needs. I adjust my image as required and upload it to Place It. That's it, I can simply download the finished mockup from their site.

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Time Converter

Ever wanted to see what time it is at your client's or remote team member's location? I quite like World Time Buddy for this. The site lets you specify different cities around the world and shows you the current time/day for each. Via a slider you can move between times and see times in different cities and time zones simultaneously. It's free and comes in super handy if you're working with folks from abroad.

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Percentage Calculator

No matter if you're bad in maths or if you're just a bit lazy – you can easily use this tool to do some basic percentage calculations for you. Want to know how much you've got to put aside for tax? You're interested in finding out if the introductory special for your favourite tool is really as good as it sounds? With the Percentage Calculator you can quickly calculate things like: 'What is X% of $XXX" or "XXX is what percentage of XXX?" etc. Super quick and easy. Plus it's free.

PX to EM Converter

Are you using pixel or ems for your typography in your Webflow site designs? This handy tools lets you quickly convert pixel to ems and vice versa. Enter your base pixel size (for instance the standard of 16px), type in your desired measurement and number you'd like to convert and you're ready to go. The site also includes a couple of useful tables with some of the most common pixel and em conversions, so you don't even have to actually use the calculator for those! Easy peasy!

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Currency Converter

Not really a special tool, but something to bookmark for easy access. I usually use the standard currency converter that comes up in the Google search. It is set automatically to my local currency (Australian Dollars), so I just have to set whichever currency I would like to convert it to. Since I work lots with clients in the US and Europe I most frequently set it to US$ or Euros. Definitely bookmark your preferred currency converter to have easy access when setting up proposals and talking to clients.

If there are any additional time saving tools I come across I will either add them here or create a separate post.  Got a cool tool you want to recommend? Let me know.

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