4 useful websites for great music and sound effects

While you might spend most of your time designing and/or building Webflow sites, sometimes you might be tasked with other cool projects like editing videos for clients or even your own YouTube channel or podcast. But where do you get great tunes to use in your projects? Well, I have collected four resources that are quite useful when creating videos in Premiere Pro or motion graphics projects in After Effects. Since I oftentimes create little videos for my day job, I am usually pretty keen at getting my hands on some new tunes. So here we go...

Mixkit (Free)

Mixkit is a pretty cool site. While the site also offers free video footage, I mainly use it to source audio files such as background music tracks. Music files can be filtered by mood, genre or tag and while the library isn't as extensive as some others found online, I have found the quality to be quite decent and highly useable for my projects. All tracks can be downloaded for free and used without attribution for commercial and non-commercial projects and YouTube content. Happy downloading!


Artlist (Paid)

Artlist has a music library that features a variety of tracks which can be filtered by genre, theme and instrument, as well as tempo and duration. With a subscription you're able to access their entire library of songs and use it for any commercial and non-commercial project. But that's not all: if needed you also get access to SFX (sound effects) for videos or motion graphics projects and you can choose if you want to subscribe to only the music or sound effects or both. Pretty neat.


BenSound (Free)

Another site for free sound resources is BenSound. You can filter the tracks by music type (jazz, rock etc.) and download them as mp3 file only. Keep in mind that you will need to credit the site when downloading any of their music. You can use their tracks for commercial and non-commercial work with the exception of podcasts and audio books. If you don't mind these restrictions: get downloading!


Epidemic Sound (Paid)

Epidemic Sound's music library is used by some of the more prominent creatives on YouTube like Peter McKinnon (videographer and photographer) and Charlie Marie (marketing designer at ConvertKit). The sign up process for their library however is a little different to some of the other music libraries out there. You sign up with your credentials and then you basically connect your account with each platform you want to use their music on – for instance YouTube. There are different account options depending if you are "only" a content creator (YouTuber, podcast host etc.) or if you are creating videos or other content for clients. The library available is quite extensive with heaps of different genres available. You can filter by mood, genre, vocals, track length and bpm, which is super helpful when you're looking for just the right sound for your project. But wait – just in case you were wondering: yes there are also sound effects available which are also covered by your standard subscription.


Have you got any other recommendations for free and paid music online?

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