3 great films for designers on free streaming service Kanopy

Who doesn't love a great film or documentary that is made for designers and that talks about topics that are  highly relevant for creative folks? In this post I'd like to introduce you to 3 documentaries that you can watch for free on a site called Kanopy.

What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is a streaming service similar to Netflix that exclusively offers documentaries, educational content, as well as non-mainstream fiction movies. For free. Kanopy says about themselves: "we stream thoughtful entertainment to your preferred device with no fees and no commercials by partnering with public libraries and universities.". So this basically means you can sign up with the library card of your participating public library and access all movies free of charge. You usually have a certain number of movies you can watch per month for each library card you sign up with. If you are a member of several participating libraries though, you can watch more films than that. Check with your public library if they've signed up with the site. Got everything set up? Then let's rock and roll...

Film recommendations for designers and creatives

Finding Vivian Maier

Vivian was a nanny who is now considered one of the 20th century greatest photographers. Unknown to most who knew her during her time she took a huge amount of great photographs on the streets of NYC. A great portrait of a mysterious woman and a fantastic (street) photographer.You can learn more about Vivian Maier on this website.


According to Kanopy, this film "explores our complex relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them". The movie portraits some of the world most important product designers and looks at some of the objects they've made throughout their lifetime and how these have impacted our lives. Definitely worth watching!

Ai Wei Wei - Never Sorry

This film is a portrait of the Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei. As highlighted by Kanopy, this film is "the inside story of a dissident for the digital age who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics". Want to watch the trailer?

Ready to for a movie night? Great. Check out the films above and let me know what you think!

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