3 Instagram accounts you should follow as a freelance creative

I’m back! After a 2-week hiatus here on the blog I’m back writing and publishing 2 article each week. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way (in my case it had to do with moving house and not having a steady internet connection for a while), so you have to push certain things to the side. But now let’s get started!

Instagram can be quite a time suck with you scrolling forever instead of working on web design projects, personal projects or doing your washing. But… it can also be a great source of inspiration for upcoming (and current) design projects. While many designs posted on Instagram are ‘eye candy’ that have been concept work and were never produced for an actual client, it’s still great to see what some creatives come up with. In this blog post I want to introduce you to some of my favourite creatives on Instagram who I have been following for a while. Because spending a little time on Insta isn’t always bad at all - so here we go…

Two Habits Design

Two Habits Design, an Instagram account managed by Ilya Fedotov, a Russian Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, features the work of Designers around the world. Most of the work shown are website or app designs with a couple of workspace pictures thrown in. While many of the designs shown are concept designs, most of them don’t show re-designs of very well known brands. Instead, they provide a great source of inspiration, especially for landing page and eCommerce sites. Ilya credits the creator of each projects and leaves their Instagram handle in the description, which is great too. You can ask to get your work featured by getting submitting a link to your work to Ilya.



Here comes another inspirational Instagram account that’s worth taking a look if you’d like to get your creative juices going. The account features landing page and app designs from a variety of industries and sectors. The owners also acknowledges the original creators of the work and links to their Instagram profile as well as their website or other social media handle. WeLoveWebDesign also offers Ui design challenges which are being announced via Instagram stories. Winners are being featured on the Instagram account. Check it out!


Minimal Setups

This one isn’t an account showing web or digital design work. It shows where some of us do their work: the home office. Run by Charlie Aldred, “Minimal Setups” publishes photos a variety of very minimal home office setups around the world. Charlie mentions the Instagram handle of each home office owner, most of them being Designers or other Creatives. Definitely check this Instagram account out if you’re just setting up your workspace or remodelling it – or if you just want to see where other people around the world work.


If you’ve got any other inspiring Instagram accounts that you just love: let me know!

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