3 design blogs I’m reading in 2020 (and beyond)

As a digital designer I enjoy reading blogs that teach me things. This seems to bet he case for many other designers and creatives as well and there is a huge amount of blogs available for beginners and seasoned professionals ranging from corporate branding, web design, calligraphy, as well as freelancing and the business of design. In this post I’m highlighting 3 different blogs that I enjoy reading in 2020 and that I get a whole lot of value from. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Desk – by Tobias van Schneider

Known for his previous role as the design lead at Spotify, as well as his own venture Semplice (a portfolio builder theme for WordPress), Tobias has made a name for himself throughout the international design community. So, what’s his “Desk”blog all about? Well, he gives lots of useful advice to designers on everything from creating a portfolio, career advice or business tips (“how to email a busy person and get a reply”). He also writes quite a few thoughtful pieces with headlines such as “on avoiding overthink” and “the art of doing”). What’s more the blog post series “Design in…” features design studios in different countries around the world via an interview – great for taking a peek into how creatives work elsewhere. Definitely check out Tobias’ blog as well as his work if you haven’t done so already. He is also very active on Twitter, where he often posts really insightful comments and conversation starters.


Design to Delight – by Christine Thatcher

A blog by a designer (Christine Thatcher) for designers and creative entrepreneurs. I stumbled across her very helpful blog by accident and have come back to her site ever since! Christine's blog focuses on the business of design, helping freelancers to become successful business owners. The business savvy designers gives advice on how to deal with client revisions, defining goals and streamlining the client onboarding process - and so much more! Check out Christina's blog if you're in the beginning stages of your (design) business or simply want to get an insight into how other successful designers organise their business. Helpful tips & tricks come in handy at anytime!


Webflow Responsive Design Blog – by Webflow

Yes, I've mentioned it here before: I really enjoy reading Webflow's web design blog. Compared to some other company or corporate blogs that only re-publish their press releases, Webflow is doing really well with their content. Tips and resources for freelancers, web designers and in-house designers along with Webflow tutorials is what this blog is all about. The blog posts are written by both Webflow staff, as well as members of the Webflow community, delivering amazing value! Even if you aren't a Webflow user (... you really should be though) the blog will come in handy if you're just a tiny bit interested in web design, freelancing and working online. Go and check it out now!


Got any other blogs or online magazine you'd like to share? Go right ahead!

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