3 Christmas gift ideas for creatives and (Webflow) designers

If you haven't done your Xmas shopping yet, listen up! I've put together 3 online stores that have great Christmas presents for any fellow designer and creative. Check them out!

Have you started with your Christmas shopping yet? No? Then this post is just right for you - especially if there's a (web) designer in your family or in your circle of friends! Below you'll find three different online stores with products for designers and creatives. Check them out (by the way: none of these companies are affiliates)!


Founded by Jeff Sheldon – a designer himself – Ugmonk is produces and sells a range of pretty cool stuff. From t-shirts to beanies and mugs and everything in between. The difference: all goods are very well designed and have more of a "minimalist" look and feel. There are also prints for your office and a pretty neat little desk organiser called "Gather". Definitely take a look if you're still after a present for your designer friend (or for yourself). Currently there's a 30% off sale going on – so hop to it!



Crumpler is an Aussie backpack and bag manufacturer who does just that: develop sturdy, modern and super-useful vessels to carry all your stuff. I especially like that many of their bags have a dedicated laptop pocket that make it easy for you to lug your device around safely. I currently use a model called "Turbine" that doesn't only fit my Mac Book but also other useful things that I need each day. On some days this might even be my external Mac keyboard and laptop charger (when work at clients offices)! At the time of writing they're having a summer sale on (yes, it's summer at the moment her ein Australia).


Gayle Mansfield Posters

Need a poster for your (or your loved ones wall)? You can find heaps of cool typographic and minimal poster designs at UK based Gayle Mansfield's site. If you're into designs that work for your (home) office pay her site a visit.


Hope you're finding the right present for your designer friend – or even for yourself! Have another great online store that you can recommend here? Let me know!

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