2 Must-see live streams for creatives and Webflow designers

Do you enjoy live streams? Do you enjoy (web) design? If you answer yes to both questions, this is the post for you! Lot's of YouTuber's are doing livestreams nowadays, but in this post I want to highlight two live streams that are really worth your time. Let's go!

Livestream: Femke van Schoonhoven

Femke is a product designer at Uber in Toronto and has a YouTube channel all about UX design. In the livestream I want to highlight here Femke answers a variety of questions on anything for UX design, design careers and more. During the live stream she also reviews viewer's online portfolios and gives advice for improvement. This live stream is especially helpful if you are looking at getting into UI/UX design and would like to get some tips from someone who is already successfully working in the industry.

Femke's livestream

Livestream: Jesse Showalter

Jesse is a freelance UI/UX designer who is regularly publishing UI/UX and web design content on his channel. In fact I have featured him previously on this blog. This time however I'd like to direct you to one of his newest livestreams which is called "The Freelancing Stream". As the name says it talks about all things freelancing, running your own business, working with clients and more. Definitely check out this stream as it's jammed packed full of knowledge and helpful advice!

Jesse's livestream

While we're at it I want to give a honourable mention to two other channels which most designer's might already know, but some of the people just breaking into this industry might not. If you are one of the people just starting out, take a look at some of the livestreams (and all the other great content) at the "The Futur" YouTube cannel, as well as Adobe's own "Adobe Creative Cloud" channel. Both offering a huge amount of great videos. While Adobe often invites creatives on their channel who are using their software, The Futur puts an emphasis on teaching you about the business of design.

Got any other great channels you want me to add here? Let me know via email!

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