It Takes A Village Africa (ITAVA) is a NYC based non-profit organisation which supports STEM education for Liberian primary and high school students. The organisation required a new, modern web presence which allowed visitors to learn more about the organisation's mission, and most importantly gain additional supporters and volunteers both in the US and overseas.

What I did

ITAVA's founders – sisters Erica Davies and Evonne Adebo – wanted a "bright and fun site with a clear message". A blog or news section to keep supporters up to date with all the happenings in Liberia was also essential, as was a well structured donations/volunteering page and the ability to connect with the organisation via social media channels. To best support ITAVA's goals for the site, I developed a bold, joyful colour palette that is supported by large, impactful imagery. The photos were provided by the group's founders and communicate authenticity, giving visitors a first glimpse of the environment in Liberia. I also placed a prominent call to action (CTA), encouraging users to donate or volunteer towards the bottom of each page. All essential information about ITAVA's programs can be accessed easily and the reduced number of options in the main navigation menu helps users to not feel overwhelmed.

Work with me

“We were blessed to work with Laura. She was able to bring our ideas to a live website. She was great with advising on what would be best for our site's user experience. I respect her advice and would love to work with her in the future.”

Evonne Adebo, ITAVA (NYC)