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Project goal

Curtin Volunteers (CV) is a student-led nonprofit organisation, which belongs to Curtin University – a major Australian tertiary institution – in Perth, Western Australia. Curtin Volunteers connects tertiary students with local community organisations and enables them to participate in a variety of volunteer activities in urban and remote areas of Western Australia.

The main goal of the projects I worked on for CV was to raise awareness for the organisation under Curtin’s student population and increase student signups in CV’s volunteer database.

The challenge

Curtin Volunteers’ management team had established that many students in their third or fourth year of study weren’t aware of the organisation itself and the opportunities it offered. Additionally, especially towards mid-semester and exam time students were reluctant to sign up for volunteer activities due to busy schedules and other commitment.

My role

As a Marketing Designer & Graphic Designer I worked on a variety of digital and print-based designs that were used for online and on-campus marketing initiatives. My role focussed on practical design work with projects as varied as printed booklets, infographics, email newsletters, social media graphics, branded apparel, on-campus tv screen advertisements and posters, as well as a large hexagon-shaped floor mural. When working on these projects it was essential to come up with innovative ideas and concepts, while still adhering to the university’s brand guidelines.

My process

I worked closely with CV’s Managers Marc Phillips and Krishan Sha. We met for in-person meetings and communicated regularly via email about upcoming and existing design projects. However all actual design work was done remotely.

The results

My work for CV increased the organisation’s visibility on campus. Especially the creation and deployment of email newsletters and social media campaigns helped keep CV on students’s minds also during busy periods. During my time at CV I also developed a large database of different design templates which are now used by CV staff create artwork without needing a dedicated Designer. This is what CV Manager Marc Phillips had to say:

It was great to work with Laura as she is not only technically gifted but also very creative. Her professionalism and efficiency is second to none. – Marc Phillips, Curtin University (Perth, Australia)

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