About Cafe Yelo

Cafe Yelo is a beachside cafe in Perth, Western Australia. Most of it's patrons are comprised of swimmers and surfers as well as locals exercising along West Coast Drive. The cafe is located right across Trigg Beach – a popular spot for local surfers.

What I did

Until recently (late 2018) cafe Yelo's online presence was quite dated. It did not deliver a great amount of valuable content to potential customers or reflect the cafe's unique vibe. Its layout was also not responsive, which made it difficult for users to browse the cafe's site on mobile devices. Being a frequent customer of Cafe Yelo myself (I love their fruit smoothies), I decided to take on the challenge and rethink their web presence.

I introduced new features such as an image gallery, a blog and an expanded contact section with interactive Google map to further add value for users and future cafe patrons. A well readable, modern typeface (Source Sans Pro) and a colour palette that is closely aligned with the cafe's existing brand further enhances the cafe's presentation on the web.

I created a one-page layout that allows users to simply scroll vertically to access all content. On mobile devices different blocks of content are stacked on top of each other, while an expandable full-screen menu lets visitors navigate the site quickly.

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