Webflow website design & development.

I exclusively use Webflow to craft websites. Watch the video to see how easy it is for clients to maintain and update a Webflow site.

For all-inclusive website design projects (design and development) I only work with one major client at a time – all custom website design projects are completed in just 2 weeks. Plus, I offer unlimited revisions during our 2-week design period.

However, I can also help if you only need development or design work done, and offer maintenance and troubleshooting services for websites built with Webflow.

Package 1 - Webflow Design & Development

All-inclusive website design & development

  • Completely custom website design & development
    I design a fully custom website that aligns with your existing brand, including colours, typography and interactions. The site will be built in Webflow, taking advantage of the Webflow CMS.
  • 2 week turn-around with unlimited edits and revisions
    That's right – you will have your brand new site completed and ready to launch in just 2 weeks. I only work with one major client at a time, which means you've got my full attention during this time period. There’s no cap on the number of edits you can request, the only deadline is the final Friday of our 2 week design period.
  • Responsive site that works on all devices
    I design your site so it looks great on all modern browsers and is easy to use on desktop, tablet and mobile.
from AU$5000
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Package 1 - Webflow Design & Development

Webflow support & troubleshooting

  • Webflow troubleshooting
    Something is not working the way it should? As an experienced Webflow designer I either access your site to fix the issue for you or provide the solution via a short recorded video. Your choice!
  • Feature upgrades
    Want to add a new custom slider, set up and populate a CMS collection or implement a new feature on your Webflow site? I'm happy to help!
  • Content updates
    Too busy to keep your site content up to date? I add new CMS items including blog posts, client projects or gallery pictures.

Hourly rate

AU$100 p/h

Monthly retainer package – includes 3 hours of design


Monthly retainer package – includes 5 hours of design

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Package 1 - Webflow Design & Development

Design OR web development

  • UI/UX/web design only
    I create high-fidelity screen designs using Sketch or Figma that can be transformed into a live website by your developer. My designs can be used with all major web platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace or Webflow.
  • Web development only
    Do you already have a website design you want to get developed in Webflow? I can help with that too – I focus solely on Webflow for developing websites.

As soon as I know more about your project, I'll give you a fixed price quote and a timeline.

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* Please note that hosting costs for Webflow or any third party suppliers (MailChimp etc.) are not included. All prices exclude GST.

What you get

Comes with every all-inclusive website design project

Launched in 2 weeks

When you book you know that your site will be ready to launch in two weeks time. There is no lengthy drawn-out process that eats up your or your team's time!

Individual attention

I only work on one major client project at a time. This means you get my full, undivided attention during the 2 weeks we're working together and can make as many revisions as you like!

Custom Webflow training

I record an individual Webflow training lesson – tailored to you and your site – that tells you exactly how to use and update your website – no pricey web developer needed!

Ready to get started?

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