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"Laura gave my website a rebirth and provided me a professional looking site, already I am receiving more interest and feedback about my products."

Gideon Ashby, Take5 Apps (Perth, Australia)


UI/UX Design

You provide a project brief plus specs and I create wireframes and/or high-fidelity mockups in Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. You can then develop your client's website in-house on your preferred platform or hire me to develop the site with Webflow.

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Website Development

You and your team provide specs, assets and your Figma, Photoshop, XD or Sketch file. I build your design with Webflow. Need the actual design work and high-fidelity mockups done as well? I can help with this as well.

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Maintenance & Support

Already have a Webflow site? I can help with maintenance, troubleshooting, feature upgrades and regular content updates. I'm also happy to discuss monthly retainer arrangements.

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I focus on developing websites with Webflow and don't take on any Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix projects. However, if you or your client are set on a different platform, I am happy take care of the high-fidelity mockups. You and your team can then develop the site with your preferred web builder or content management system.
Some organisations I have worked with
Curtin Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
News Corp Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
RWWA Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
RWWA Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer

"We were blessed to work with Laura. She was great with advising on what would be best for our site's user experience. I respect her advice and would love to work with her in the future."

Evonne Adebo, ITAVA (NYC)

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