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I enjoy sharing what I know. That's why I regularly publish new blog posts on anything related to UI/UX design, creativity and freelancing.

3 design blogs I’m reading in 2020 (and beyond)

Looking for some new blog content to devour in 2020? Look no further, I've compiled three must-read blogs for the seasoned professional as well as the newbie designer. Enjoy!

My journey of becoming a Webflow website designer

Want to know how I got started and became a Webflow designer? Then, listen up! You'll find a brief rundown of how I got to where I am now, as I haven't only switched continents but also moved from print to web/digital design...

New Webflow Meetup Group in Perth, Australia

Are you based in Perth, Australia? Great - I've just established the city's first Webflow Meetup Group. Check out this post for all the details and for some more info on how to start a meetup group in your own hometown.

Matterport: What it is and how you can integrate it into your next Webflow project

Ever heard of Matterport? The service allows you to place virtual walkthroughs on your client's website. This could be especially useful for real estate agents and tourism businesses. Let me show you how to easily integrate this feature into your next Webflow project.

How to source a background video from the Webflow CMS

Would you like to use a dynamic background video on your site? Maybe even use it on your CMS collection page? I show you how this is done in just 8-9 steps! Let's get started...

How to create a cool slide in out hover interaction with Webflow

Want to do a fun hover animation with slide in text for your next project? I've made a short video to show you how it's done and there's also a link to the cloneable example project.

6 Great Webflow resource sites for your next project

Need some Webflow resources in a hurry? Want to build a particular transition but don't know how to do it yet? I've gathered useful Webflow resources on the web that help you get where you need to go faster!

The tools I use to run my Webflow freelance business

Ready to look into some useful tools for the new year? Check out some of the software I use on regularly to work on my Webflow freelance business. You might just find a few nuggets you can use in your own business...

Cloneable Webflow Resources: Card Slider

Need a card slider in a hurry for one of your current or upcoming Webflow projects? Look no further. Today I'm sharing a fantastic resource with you that until recently was available on Webflow's own showcase.

Cloneable Webflow Resources: Animated Hamburger Menu

Looking for a great animated hamburger menu for your next Webflow project? In this blog post I point you in the direction of a great collection of pre-made menus that you can clone and use for your own projects.

My three favorite websites for vector icons

Need some icons for your new Webflow design project? Check out some of my favorite online resources for vector icons you can use for commercial and personal work.

Three superb business podcasts for creative freelancers

Just started your new (web) design business? No matter if you're solely working with Webflow (like me) or not, you still have to do all those business-related things that come with running your own shop. Let me introduce you to three fantastic podcasts that help you make your life so much easier!

Doing good: 3 digital and branding agencies having a positive impact

Ready to be inspired by digital agencies that are doing good in the world? Then check out these three organisations that are hailing not from New York or San Francisco, but from Perth, Western Australia.

Money, money, money: Podcasts to keep your finances under control

Are you a freelance (web) designer or employed at an agency or in-house design department? Wherever you work, it's important to be in charge of your finance and know some of the basics around money and cash-flow.

How to use tabs to let users sort a CMS collection list in Webflow

Want to let your user sort a Webflow collection list using buttons? You can do that easily by taking advantage Webflow's tab element. In this blog post I show you how to do this quickly via a short video tutorial. Enjoy!

Sort a CMS collection list by price (and solve Webflow's comma issue)

Want to filter a real estate property list by price but can't figure out how to include a comma? Then watch (or read) this brief tutorial on how to filter a Webflow collection list easily via the CMS.

Inspiration: Agency Website 'Hello Monday'

I stumbled about a great little agency website with nifty animations and interactions that might be a great source of inspiration for your next (Webflow) project. Check it out and let me know what you think.

How I organise my freelance business with Trello

Ready to try out Trello for organising your client projects? In this blog post I show you how I use Trello in my Webflow design business, as well as in my personal life. Have a read and see what works best for you!

The best YouTube channels for (ongoing) Product Designers

Wanna dive into product design? No worries - check out some of the YouTube channels of product designers at Uber, Zendesk and elsewhere! There are plenty of videos ranging from user research to interview techniques! Happy (binge)-watching!

3 Instagram accounts you should follow as a freelance creative

Looking for some inspiration for your next project? Or do you want to revamp the space you're actually working in? Then this blog post is for you! I've gathered three of my favourite inspirational Instagram accounts that I follow.

TransferWise - the better option for getting paid as freelancer?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to PayPal to receive money from your clients? Then read my review of TransferWise - a service I use as a Web Designer for all my international clients.

Four great newsletters by and for designers and creatives

Email newsletters are dead! No, they're not! There are heaps of great newsletters out there to keep you reading and learning. In this article I have collected four of my favorite newsletters that land in my inbox regularly.

Using invoicing and proposal tool Hello Bonsai for your web design business

In this blog article I give you a brief overview of the invoicing and proposal tool 'Hello Bonsai', which I have been using ever since starting my own Webflow and web design freelance business.

3 great resources for culturally diverse stock photos

Looking for culturally diverse stock photos? Then take a look at some of the resources listed in this blog post!

Book Review: Chillpreneur

I just read 'Chillpreneur' – a book for service and product based entrepreneurs and business owners. The author tells you a thing or two about running a successful business, making money, marketing your services. Check out my super-short book review.

Digital agencies from Perth, Australia – Part 2: Juicebox Creative & Media on Mars

This is a short & sweet one! I very briefly introduce you to great digital agencies based in Perth, Western Australia. Check out their work!

The best ‘ladies only’ Facebook Groups for (web) designers

Are you a female designer looking for a rad online community? Check out some of these "ladies-only" great Facebook groups for (web) designers and creatives.

How to connect MailChimp to your Webflow website

It's easy to integrate a MailChimp newsletter subscription form into your Webflow site. I've outlined how to do this in this blog post!

Digital agencies from Perth, Australia – Part 1: Humaan

Know any great agencies from Perth, Western Australia? No? That's about to change! In this three part series I introduce you to some of my favourite digital agencies in the Western Australian capital. Enjoy!

Must-see conference talks for creatives and freelancers

Can't make it to your favorite design or tech conference? No worries! I've gathered several YouTube channels that provide recordings of interesting and useful tech/design talks from Australia and elsewhere. Sit back on your couch, your office chair or wherever you watch YouTube and learn something new!

Tips & tricks for new Webflow designers & devs

In this article I share four quick tips & tricks for anyone just starting out with Webflow! From Webflow Chrome extensions to the lesser known features, I highlight some of the things that make your life easier as a brand-new Webflow designer and developer! Happy designing!

Functional & beautifully designed things for your home & office

Are you a creative looking at revamping your (home) office or moving house? I've collected a few online stores, artists and suppliers who create and sell products that I as a designer love. Take a look, browse, check out what's on offer and maybe even pick up some design inspiration from the vendor's eCommerce sites! And, no - this isn't a sponsored post!

How to quickly build a Webflow blog using Flexbox

Does your Webflow blog have annoying gaps in between existing blog posts? One way to avoid this is to build your blog with Flexbox! In this blog post I show you how to do this quickly. I've recorded a short video, so you can follow along with me.

Inspirational podcasts for designers and creatives – Part 2

This is the second post in the "Inspirational podcasts for designers and creatives" series. Here I introduce you to three more podcasts that can help you scale your design business and gather helpful tips and advice. Happy reading & listening!

Webflow pricing and account/site plans explained

Confused by Webflow's plans & pricing? In this blog post I answer some of the questions I have encountered from other creatives and new Webflow designers. I hope this unofficial guide will answer some of the questions. Let's get started!

Inspirational podcasts for designers and creatives – Part 1

Enjoy listening to podcasts? Me too! In part 1 of this two part series I introduce you to some of my favourite podcasts for creatives and freelancers. Perfect for your next commute or morning run!

Three must-read blogs for creatives

Here I give you a quick rundown of why writing a blog, publishing a podcast or starting a YouTube channel can be super-beneficial + give 3 great examples.

Five super-useful Chrome extensions for web designers

There are heaps of helpful Google Chrome extensions. In this post I introduce to 5 of my favourite ones that make my life as a designer and creative much easier.

Four essential podcasts & resources for online course creators

In this blog post I list some useful resources for (future) online course creators. If you’re looking for helpful podcasts or blogs, this is the post for you!

The best YouTube channels for designers, architects & creatives

Looking for some new YouTube channels to be inspired by and find helpful tips and advice? Interested in architecture & design? Look no further!

Book Review: Company of One

A book I wanted to read for quite a while now is Paul Jarvis' "Company of One". This blog post entails a very brief review of his book and my thoughts about is writings.

How to create a CMS-driven testimonial slider in Webflow

In this blog post – and accompanying video – I show you how to create a CMS-driven testimonial slider in Webflow.

Why I enjoy designing websites for architecture firms

While I consider every project, I especially enjoy designing (and maintaining) sites for architects. Let me tell you why!

A quick comparison between Webflow & Wordpress

In this article I explain why I've moved from WordPress to Webflow and outline the benefits that came with it.

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