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My bio in just one brief paragraph... Passionate Digital Designer. Chai latte and architecture lover. Two kids and no dog. Scroll down to learn more.

Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer

Hi there! I design and develop custom, user friendly websites using the Webflow CMS.

After moving from Germany to Australia in 2003 I've settled in Perth, Western Australia – one of the most isolated capital cities in the world and worked in advertising, design, publishing and higher education. Currently I'm a Digital Designer and Multimedia Content Creator for Racing and Wagering WA – a major Western Australian racing and sports betting organisation.

As a freelance Designer I work on web design and user interface design projects with a particular focus on designing and building websites with the Webflow CMS. I am also the organiser of the first Webflow Meetup group in Western Australia.

When I'm not doing digital or web design work, you can find me kicking a soccer ball with my kids, enjoying a freshly brewed chai latte (I recommend Prana Chai) and visiting the beautiful port city of Fremantle.

Livingspace | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Perth Skyline | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Livingroom | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Fremantle | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Home Office | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Indian Ocean | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer

"Our site has been universally praised as a powerful branding site and Laura’s expert integration of streaming video content throughout has elevated my wife’s brand. Laura is a gem to work with and usually has the tweaks and fixes in place in a day. I couldn’t have been more impressed and have done two subsequent sites with her since. In a word, she’s awesome."

Tony Mills, Claudia Mills Real Estate (Oakland, CA)