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My Story

Hey! My name is Laura Niebel, and I’m an UX + UI designer in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. My employers have ranged from publishers to advertising agencies, and have included companies like News Corporation Australia, Adcorp, The Brand Agency, and more. I've graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (majoring in Digital Design and Web Media) and completed a Diploma in Graphic Design & Prepress. Currently I help Curtin University (Australia) design a new eLearning hub for their students.

Feel free to and see snippets of my work. You can learn more about my employment history through

Work with me

"We were blessed to work with Laura. She was able to bring our ideas to a live website. She was great with advising on what would be best for our site's users experience. I respect her advice and would love to work with her in the future."

Evonne Adebo, ITAVA (NYC)

„Working together with Laura was great. We were very happy with the design of our ebook and have already recommended Laura to others. Thanks Laura for your great work!"

Timm Hoffmann, Basic Principles (Germany)