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I'm Laura, a UI and UX Designer based in Perth, Australia. You can often find me enjoying a nice cup of loose leaf chai overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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I grew up in Germany. Almost 20 years ago I went on a backpacking trip to Australia and ended up settling in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. Here I've worked as a Designer and Editorial Artist at  ad agencies and media outlets before moving into digital. No regrets about the physical or the career move!

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Freelance UI/UX Designer, and Webflow Specialist. I work remotely with clients from around the world. Additionally I also organise the monthly Webflow meetup in Perth. When I'm not in front of the computer I play a game of soccer with my son or enjoy a good movie or art exhibition.

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Coming up

Exciting times ahead. Continuing to work on lots of cool UI/UX design projects and Webflow builds. Also still writing articles about Webflow and design on my blog. Outside of work I am looking at taking up a new hobby that gets me away from the screen... bouldering is at the top of my list of things to try!

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"We were blessed to work with Laura. She was great with advising on what would be best for our site's user experience. I respect her advice and would love to work with her in the future."

Evonne Adebo

Co-Founder / ITAVA / NYC

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