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No time to read? My bio in just one short paragraph... Passionate Designer. Chai latte and art/architecture lover. Two kids and no dog. Scroll down to learn more.

Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer

Hello! I'm Laura. I help real estate professionals, architects and interior designers stand out online. But let me tell you a bit more about myself first...

I've been interested in design and architecture for a long time with my stepdad having worked as a successful architect in Europe. After moving from Germany to Australia in 2003 (wow, I've been here for over 15 years now!) I've settled in beautiful Perth – one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, where I've worked as a designer for various advertising agencies and publishers, before starting my own freelance web design business. I noticed that many boutique realtors, as well as (interior) architecture studios still use websites that don't make their business stand out and that are cumbersome to update. I'm on a mission to change that. Are you ready?

I focus on designing and building websites solely with Webflow, a web platform that enables complete design freedom, that allows easy site maintenance and that isn't bogged down by a gazillion plugins (hey, I'm looking at you Wordpress). For the majority of projects I work solo, but at times I collaborate with other skilled creatives.

When I'm not working on Webflow projects, you can find me exploring a new playground with the kids, or enjoying a chai latte (I recommend Prana Chai) and a movie with a friend in Perth or Fremantle.

Livingspace | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Perth Skyline | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Livingroom | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Fremantle | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Home Office | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Indian Ocean | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer