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SSB Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Claudia Mills Real Estate Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Content Living Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Urban Mews Logo | Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer
Laura Niebel | Webflow Web Designer

Being the thoughtful voice for the user – while simultaneously keeping business needs in mind. That's important for me in my role as a user interface and user experience designer. It's actually quite simple: design websites and apps that are fun to use and that solve a meaningful problem. No matter if this means coming up with a better shopping experience, making it easy to donate to a charity or finding a new home online.

Hey, I’m Laura – a UI/UX Designer & Webflow Specialist from Perth, Western Australia. I love design, architecture, minimalism and fun side projects. I work remotely as a Designer in a small team of learning and development professionals, and with freelance clients from across the world. Outside of work I enjoy building cool Hotwheels race tracks with my kids, drinking chai latte and dreaming about my own tiny house...

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“Laura goes above and beyond. While working on the site, she was always courteous, patient, and kind. Very lovely to work with."

Erica Davies-Cole, Founder ITAVA (NYC)

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